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Transformations is trans women of color led organization focused on capacity building and leadership development among trans communities of color in the Midwest region.

We're thrilled to embrace a new vision and direction for Transformations. As we remain committed to serving transgender, nonbinary, gender-expansive, and gender nonconforming (TGNC) young people, we’re explicitly centering transgender young women of color, and trans and nonbinary young people in survival mode and without traditional systems of support, in their experiences, resiliency, leadership, and wisdom. We’re also expanding our outreach to now include a three-state region, specifically focusing on Missouri, Kansas, and Ozark Mountain region in Northern Arkansas.

In the News

Transformations did a lot for me, it taught me so many ways of being a trans person in my community.
Jordan Burns


Transformations KC Advances Stories of Trans People of Color

By: Dan Cohen | 41 KSHB | July 8, 2022

A recent wave of incidents targeting the LGBTQIA+ community has local organizations working harder than ever to lift up that community's experiences.

Merrique Jenson, the founder of Transformations Kansas City, is working to shine a spotlight on transgender communities of color, and introduced KSHB 41 to Jordan Burns and Alex Salazar.
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Still Standing: Trans Women in KC share their story of survival, empowerment


By: Sarah Plake | 41 KSHB | June 30, 2022

As KSHB 41 News wraps up the month of June, we want to leave you with real stories of women who are often pushed to the side during Pride month and throughout the year - transgender women of color.
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It's a lot of things we had to endure, like being bashed or being bullied and stuff and I'm just grateful to even be here just sitting here sharing my story, because a lot of my sisters in the past have not made it this far.
Kelly Nou

Often, society will tell you you're just going to be a sex worker, you're just going to be a drag queen or you're just going to be a low-paid individual, and that can't be our only narrative.
Nyla Foster


Transformations KC works to add trans women of color in more leadership roles

By: Sarah Plake | 41 KSHB | Jun 29, 2022

This Pride month, we want to share stories of some of the most marginalized people within the LGBTQ+ community.
That means sharing the stories of transgender women of color, who have historically been misrepresented in - and even harmed by - media coverage.
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KC has few trans women of color in leadership. This nonprofit is changing that.

By: Josh Merchant | The Kansas City Beacon | Jun 15, 2022

For years, Merrique Jenson felt that local organizations were taking trans leaders for granted. So she founded Transformations to help other trans women of color hold their ground in leadership positions.
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I knew that I wanted to create some sort of space to activate and heal, and also remind trans women of color and trans young people that they’re resilient.
Merrique Jenson


The Dolls Are Thriving

August 10-11, 2022
A National Virtual Summit on Women of Color of Trans Experiences in Leadership, Advocacy, and Mentorship
You won’t want to miss our inspiring speakers, diverse workshops, panel discussions, and our keynote conversation. Sign up below to receive more information and be the first to know about registration.

Featured Keynote Conversation

Between Muvahs & Daughtas

A table talk about trans families, chosen families, and sisterhood wisdom shared between intergenerational trans women of color.

Kerri Colby

Trans Advocate & Performer

Dr. Tatyana Moaton

Trans Advocate &
Queen Mother of the House of Chanel

Liberation Camp Logo

Liberation Camp

Growing Our Power
If you identify as a trans person of color and are over 18 years old, join us this October 12-16, 2022, in our safe, affirming and healing campground in the Ozarks! Sign up below to receive more information and be the first to know about registration.

You've never seen camp like this before!

Growing Our Power

Growing our Power invites current and promising trans BIPOC leaders in the Midwest. Join a group of 24 trans women and femmes of color in a comfortable, relaxed indoor retreat nestled in the Ozarks. Nonbinary trans folks of color and trans men of color are also invited to participate.

You’ll experience intergenerational conversations, mentorship building models, fun activities, engaging breakout sessions, and have opportunities to earn liberation merit badges.

Growing our Power is a catalyst for powerful networking and skill building in the trans BIPOC community. These experiences will serve as a foundation for future public-facing educational campaigns.

Hey, Sis

Hey, Sis

Virtual Series
Virtual sisterhood, mentorship, and table talks with young people and their support systems. Let us know you're interested below to receive more information and be the first to know about our Hey Sis virtual series.



Applications opening soon!
Supporting young people and leadership development. We prioritize funding individuals and groups of trans and nonbinary youth seeking support with housing stability, educational and leadership development, gender-affirming medical costs, and leading community programs. Let us know you're interested below to receive more information and we will let you know when applications open!


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