Thanks Kristen Thomas and The Pitch Kansas City @thepitchkc for sharing about our organization in this online feature as well as highlighting the voices of JD Besares and Kelly Nou.

Vice-Chair of the Board of Transformations KC, Kelly Nou, knows first hand the challenges that are faced by a person who has intersecting marginalized identities.

Nou’s tight-knit Cambodian-American family was everything to her growing up in Kansas City. She is on better terms than she once was with them, but for a long period, there was a complete disconnect.

“A lot of parents and families are really strong-minded people, like really stick to their guns,” Nou says. “My parents were like that—I was shamed, mocked, and bullied within my family. But I stood up for who I am. I let them know, ‘It’s not going to change, this is me.'”

When asked what influence she hoped Transformations could have on the parents of transgender and GNC teens, Nou said familial acceptance and understanding have a direct correlation to trans people living a longer life.

“Latino and Black communities are not particularly fond of people that fall outside their vision of what kids should be like,” says Transformations KC Co-Board Chair, JD Bezares.

As a Puerto Rican trans-man, Bezares feels it is important to engage with those communities directly. He feels the organization needs to refocus towards members of the trans-BIPOC youth community, because they are most at risk of marginalization.

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