Women of Color of Trans Experience in
Leadership, Advocacy, & Mentorship

A National Virtual Summit

Women of Color of Trans Experience in
Leadership, Advocacy, & Mentorship

A National Virtual Summit

Women of Color of Trans Experience in
Leadership, Advocacy, & Mentorship

A National Virtual Summit

Hosted by Transformations Youth Organization

Hosted by Transformations Youth Organization



General Registration

All are welcome to attend.



WE encourage folks who are experiencing financial hardships to pay this rate, who are unable to pay the general registration rate.


Free Registration

For young trans/nonbinary folks & trans/nonbinary people of color.

Here is the login information for the summit for trans and nonbinary young people and trans and nonbinary people of color. We still encourage White adults to register at our general registration rate of $25 or $10 for economic hardship. Registration can be made through Eventbrite or you can make a donation directly on our website here.

Registration is required to receive a zoom registration link. Please register below through Eventbrite.

All registration prices are self-determined. As an organization, we value honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Please note - this summit is intentionally centering the conversations and mentorship between older and younger women of color of trans experience.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

- General registration is $25.

- A reduced-cost registration of $10 is available for those who are dealing with financial hardship.

- If you self-identify as a transgender or nonbinary young person, or a transgender or nonbinary person of color, we welcome you to attend this summit for free.

If you’d like to sponsor someone who can’t pay otherwise or are interested in helping sponsor this summit, you can always purchase additional registration tickets for us to share with others or donate at

If you have more questions or feedback, feel free to email us at

Registration is closed

Share your Truth!

Submit a Question, Comment, or Share your Experience for the Summit!

  • Have a comment, experience, or topic area you would like to be explored within the workshop session?
  • Got a specific question for one of our speakers or artists at the summit?
  • Wanna share a shout-out to the summit or specific workshop panelists?
If you see a workshop session, speaker, or artist that you'd like to know more about, this is your chance to get those questions in before the summit even begins! When submitting a question, we'd love to know your first name and identities (age, gender, race, and where you're located!) Please feel to send any questions or feedback about the summit. This will help the hosts and speakers guide the conversation as we shape it to participants' specific interests and also help answer your questions during their session. Of course, you can always ask questions or share feedback, affirmations and experiences during the summit as well!

Optional - Only provide if you'd like to be contacted by a member of Transformations and/or receive e-mail communications.

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